Honda Smart House

Honda’s Smart Home Vision

The Home of the Future

Honda has announced that they are building a sample “Smart Home” on the campus of the University of California, Davis. Here, they will demonstrate how a home can be built to generate more energy than its occupants consume.

Here are some of the key points from their slideshow:


Nothing goes to waste inside the Honda Smart Home—even heat from a shower is captured and reused to warm the house. The shower water, and all grey water, is then used for landscape irrigation. Very little irrigation is needed, however, since the landscaping utilizes drought-tolerant plants. This innovative process is known as xeriscaping.

Climate Control

The climate control system will actually use meteorological forecasts to predict future conditioning use and then adjust the loads based on optimum efficiency and the needs of the utility company. Plus, the windows will open and close and shading will extend and retract on their own to help moderate temperature and provide natural ventilation.

LED Lighting

Low-energy LEDs will light the entire house and feature state-of-the-art controls to optimize efficiency and light quality. The lighting system can even benefit the health of the occupants by modifying the color temperature throughout the day and night using the latest research on human circadian rhythms.

Other Features

The home’s roof will have photovoltaic (PV) solar panels meant to provide enough energy to power the home and an electric vehicle. A clear part of Honda’s goal is to build a home that is supportive of the lifestyle of an electric car owner, therefore a charging station in the garage is a must.


Expect the living space to see the same technological makeover recently given to the telephone. Big data is going to enable the home to better manage energy and deal with environmental factors. Smarter production is coming to every facet of life.

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