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What Does Cybersecurity Have To Do With HR?

We have invited Michael to join us to talk about some of the high profile cybersecurity issues that made national news during the election coverage, how some of these things happen, and how businesses should be adapting to the new technological challenges of protecting their data and their reputations.

I would like to thank Lois Krause and everyone at KardasLarson for inviting me to talk about the 2016 Election through a Cybersecurity lens. Lois and I discussed phishing, and how email-based attacks lead to thousands of Clinton Campaign emails ending up on Wikileaks. We also covered general principles for protecting yourself as an individual: strong passwords, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), and mobile devices.

Once you get past the political nature of the stories from the campaign, there is a lot to learn about how any organization should be protecting itself from 21st century threats. The Clinton Campaign is representative of most organizations out there who do not adequately train their employees for how to handle cyber-attacks. It is my hope that anyone who watches the video will come away with the understanding that data-loss incidents, like the DNC and Clinton Campaign suffered, are mostly avoidable through training and proper safeguards.

2017 is poised to be full of cybersecurity horror-stories from phishing and ransomware attacks. Do everything in your power to protect your organization’s data and reputation.

Michael Wilson

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Michael Wilson is a Digital Strategist who works with people to build, protect, and elevate their brands online.

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