Kuka vs. Timo Boll

Kuka Robot

Kuka vs. Timo Boll: Man vs. Machine as one of the greatest Ping Pong players goes against the fastest robot ever made. But does it live up to the hype?

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PillPack is Medicine Done Right


PillPack is a fantastic concept which should ease the hassle of sorting medication into daily/weekly pill boxes. It also should go a long way to helping people manage their regiment without making mistakes.

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RiverWatch: Marsupial Robotic Team


The RiverWatch project pairs an autonomous boat with an on-board hexacopter to monitor river environments. The team calls the marine-to-air duo “marsupial” because the hexacopter is able to use the boat as a “pouch”. The operation is powered by solar energy allowing it to function autonomously for long periods.

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