Let’s Talk About Jobs

By Michael Wilson | November 9, 2016 |

Our society has steep challenges ahead and politicians need to have honest discourse with the public about the future: What comes after jobs?

Adobe VoCo

Adobe VoCo: “Photoshop for Audio”

By Michael Wilson | November 7, 2016 |

Adobe VoCo is going to make editing voices easier and more widespread than ever before. What Photoshop did for images, VoCo aims to do for speech.

Gmail Phishing Example

Don’t Fall for the Email Phishing Attack that got John Podesta and Colin Powell

By Michael Wilson | November 3, 2016 |

Phishing is a form of social engineering where the victim is tricked into willingly handing over their personal information. Here’s what you need to know.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft’s Vision for the Creative Workspace

By Michael Wilson | November 2, 2016 |

Microsoft’s recent announcements of the Surface Studio and HoloLens have ushered us into a new era of the “personal computer”.

SolarCity's solar roof

Elon Musk Unveils SolarCity’s New Roof

By Michael Wilson | October 29, 2016 |

Watch Elon Musk debut Tesla’s Powerwall 2 and SolarCity’s new roofing products. The sustainable, all-electric future is on the horizon.


John Podesta and the Clinton Campaign’s Security Nightmare

By Michael Wilson | October 13, 2016 |

An attempt to explain Clinton Campaign Chief John Podesta’s mistakes clearly and then show how to properly secure your communications.

Server Room

The Transparency Lesson Everyone Should Learn from this Election

By Michael Wilson | October 10, 2016 |

This election offers a lot to consider with regard to online security and the transparency of modern communications.

Motion Code

Motion Code: The Next-Gen Credit Card

By Michael Wilson | October 3, 2016 |

The Motion Code is a next-gen credit card implements 2-Factor Authentication into your physical credit card to deter criminals and protect your data.

laptop with padlock

Getting Started with 2-Factor Authentication

By Michael Wilson | September 29, 2016 |

Learn why and how to setup 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your: email, social media, banking, and more. Protect your accounts and personal information.

Google Car

NHTSA: “AI Can Be Legal Driver”

By Michael Wilson | February 10, 2016 |

The U.S government has sided with Google in one of the most crucial arguments needed for the self-driving future of cars: An artificial intelligence system can be the legal driver of an automobile.

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