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3 Tech Tactics To Improve Your Recruitment and Retention Efforts

By Michael Wilson | January 28, 2019

Michael Wilson suggests asking your team, “Does our workplace technology allow you to be as productive as you could be?” Start that conversation today.

Incident Response Plan Meeting

Every Business Needs an Incident-Response Plan

By Michael Wilson | November 27, 2018

An Incident Response Plan is a critical step to understanding your organization’s legal and technical vulnerabilities. Don’t be without one!

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Businesses Reporting Sharp Rise in Email Phishing

By Michael Wilson | October 24, 2018

“58% of more than 400 business executives reported an increase in suspicious emails in the last year.” Michael Wilson offers tips to address email phishing.


For Two-Factor Authentication, Choose Apps Over Phone Number-Based Methods

By Michael Wilson | October 1, 2018

To many, the choice between app and SMS based authentication might seem negligible. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why that is not the case.


“Smart Contracts” is the Feature That Makes HR Blockchains So Dynamic

By Michael Wilson | September 27, 2018

A continuation of my “Blockchain for HR” series with examples as to why “Smart Contracts” are poised to be disruptive to many business processes.

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What Is an HR Blockchain? A Glimpse at the Future of HR Data

By Michael Wilson | August 29, 2018

An HR Blockchain of the near future might help you manage your payroll, certify the identities of candidates, or protect your organization’s data.

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Q&A on Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

By Michael Wilson | July 21, 2018

Q&A on Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace tackles topics including cybersecurity concerns and balancing technology with the human team.

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Social Currency is Critical for Organizations and Employees

By Michael Wilson | May 28, 2018

Social currency is the idea that reputation has tangible benefits… that relationships within your network or the community will lead to knowledge, access, or recognition that has measurable value. Michael Wilson explores ways to leverage social currency to control your perception in the marketplace.

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The Human Solution for Artificial Intelligence Bias

By Michael Wilson | March 19, 2018

Artificial intelligence bias is a danger within many systems we are growing dependent upon. A tool is only as good as the craftsman wielding it. Our algorithms are only as good as the programmers who wrote the code, and the database they can pull from. If bad data goes in, then what comes out?

HRJetpack AI for HR banner Michael Wilson

New HR Jetpack Course: “AI for HR”

By Michael Wilson | March 17, 2018

In ‘AI for HR’, we’ll dive into specific HR functions expected to be reshaped by Artificial Intelligence over the coming years. HR will be elevated into more of a leadership role than ever before and it is critical that you are well informed about the way that AI will impact your workforce.

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