AeroFarms: World’s Largest Indoor Farm


Later this year, AeroFarms will open its facility in Newark, NJ. The 69,000 sq. foot re-purposed steel factory will be the world’s largest indoor farm. Factory-like production of crops is an efficient system for producing high-yield results.

AeroFarms claims their Aeroponic Farming methods are significantly better than traditional farming techniques:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that laboratory-like conditions optimized for the most efficient growth can produce superior crops while cutting down on negative environmental impacts.

Plants rooted in reusable microfleece cloth and stacked in modular planters will be sprayed by a nutrient mist and illuminated by LED lights. These crops require no soil, 95% less water and create no harmful runoff.


Going forward, expect to see an ever-increasing portion of crops produced by outfits like AeroFarms. The efficiency is too great to ignore, and in a world challenged by water shortages these methods will be quickly embraced. The days of traditional farming are numbered. It looks like the new industrial revolution will include an agricultural revolution as well.

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