95% of Enterprises Found Employees Trying to Bypass Security


95 percent of assessments revealed employees were actively researching, installing or executing security or vulnerability testing tools in attempts to bypass corporate security.
Dtex Systems Insider Threat Intelligence Report

The data shows what we all know anecdotally; people get frustrated by web-browsing restrictions in the workplace. To avoid tracking and blocking software, employees are turning to VPNs, TOR, and other anonymity tools.

Addressing the Insider Threat

Your employees represent the biggest threat to the organization.

60 percent of all attacks are carried out by insiders. 68 percent of all insider breaches are due to negligence, 22 percent are from malicious insiders and 10 percent are related to credential theft.
Dtex Systems Insider Threat Intelligence Report

Intentionally or unintentionally, the actions of staff have huge consequences on the security of the organization. With that in mind, here are some keys to protecting your organization:

  • Gather Data: You need you learn how your employees feel about the technology in the workplace. Which protocols frustrate them? Which workarounds have become popular? In order to reduce abuses of your systems, you need to develop a workflow that suits your staff. Find ways to develop a process which protects the organization and works well for your team.
  • Limit Use of Personal Email: According to Dtex’s data, “87 percent of employees were using personal, web-based email on company devices”. Work and personal life need to be kept separate. Don’t let someone’s personal activities negatively impact the organization.
  • First & Last 2 Weeks: Dtex’s data says that “56 percent of organizations saw potential data theft from leaving or joining employees during those times”.
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